We’re Currently Obsessing Over…

Tonight as we were window shopping in Auburn the eight year old excitedly called us over. 
He had found something that was quite intriguing to him. 

It was representation of Samford Hall made entirely out of Legos.
It was a great representation. 
And easy to compare to the actual one since it was on display at J & M Bookstore which is directly across from the real Samford Hall. 
For those of you that don’t know Samford Hall is where the administration has have their offices at Auburn. 
It was built in 1889 when Auburn was still called East Alabama Male College. 
It’s just a beautiful old building.
There are a million cool stories about the place.
I have my own: I once got kicked out of Samford Hall for trespassing one late night. That’s not tonight’s blog though.
Back to the Legos…
Oh, how this child loves Legos.
My minion would have sat and looked at this for hours. 
We gave him five minutes. 
After dinner he begged to come back and look some more. 
We obliged.
“This should, like, be in an art museum or something”
Yes, it should.
And it could be yours for $1500. 
Too rich for our blood but a beautiful piece none the less.

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